@mileycyrus / Wonderwall 1 / 12
@mileycyrus / Wonderwall 1 / 12

She's getting kissed on the mouth by a pig or photoshopping her face on a man using the restroom outdoors. Yep, it's just another day on Miley Cyrus' Instagram page.

Since breaking free of her "Hannah Montana" character, Miley has very rarely lived life conventionally, and, thanks to her active social media pages, we all get to share in the beautiful weirdness that is Miley.

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Miley proudly flaunts her alleged use of marijuana for the world to see, as she did several times this week, after which she wrote that she "got chillllllssssss!!!!!!" from watching Bruce Jenner's 20/20 special.

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On April 28, Miley posted 11 photos that ranged from the odd (a photo of her appearing to smoke something while upside down) to the heartfelt (posting a supportive photo of the comatose Joni Mitchell). Miley, we just can't figure you out, but we sort of like it that way.

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You do you, Miley.