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Could it be that an Instagram page commonly believed to be operated by Amanda Bynes isn't actually being controlled by the troubled actress?

That's what Amanda's legal team is claiming, and they've been successful in convincing Instagram to shut down the apparent fake account.

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The @Amandabynesfashion account had gained popularity over the last several months as the operator of the account often posted pictures blasting other celebrities -- most recently even claiming that a certain socialite had a STD.

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Most people believed that Amanda herself was behind these posts.

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Now, though, that doesn't appear to be the case.

The termination of the account came after a lawyer for one of the celebs who was attacked called Amanda's lawyer. According to TMZ, Amanda's lawyer then "presented evidence Amanda was not doing the posting. The lawyer for the celeb -- armed with the evidence -- went to Instagram, which then shut down the account," the website said.

Amanda is still believed to be operating her official Twitter account (and possibly a second). Her account feed is often filled with posts slamming her parents, with whom she's been publicly feuded and even threatened to kill while secretly being recorded.