The Hollywood Reporter

Naomi Watts' upcoming Princess Diana movie, about her final years under siege by celebrity photographers -- made even more relevant by Kate Middleton's topless-pictures scandal -- had its own paparazzi challenges.

They hit their peak during the film's re-creation of the royal divorcee's famous yachting romance with Dodi Fayed, played by Cas Anvar.

Knowing the shoot of Diana would be a media magnet on the open sea -- and that water work is tricky for any production -- Ecosse Films made the decision to strike an exclusive arrangement with Splash News & Picture Agency (ironic, given the subject) to give it access to the best photo angles.

Thus, they deterred most other paparazzi from bothering to hang around. "We knew we would have to deal with the situation, so we got out in front of it," the film's rep tells THR.