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When Ashley Olsen first started dating Justin Bartha, he was dismissed as "just one of her boy toys" by a pal. That was more than two years ago, and it looks like things could soon be taking a turn for the serious.

A source tells Us Weekly that the "Hangover" actor has been shopping around for an engagement ring in preparation for getting down on bended knee.

Seems he's "in love and is just waiting for the right time."

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Bartha, 32, has apparently learned the hard way not to underestimate the value of good timing with Ashley, 24. The insider claims he's popped the question before, "and she said no!"

Perhaps her attitude toward "till death do us part" has softened a bit in light of the close call the couple faced back in May, when the plane they were taking from New York to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Washington, D.C., after an electrical fire broke out.

"Ashley has always been the more centered of the twins, and Justin is centered, too," opines another confidant. "They mix well with each other's friends and calm each other."

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On top of that, "Justin's a hard worker and sees acting as a business. Ashley runs successful brands and has a strong work ethic."

And even though wedding rumors have been floating around since the early days of their relationship, the first spy insists Olsen and Bartha are already plotting a nuptial strategy: "They both want a low-key affair."

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