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Has Madonna's model-squeeze Jesus Luz been upgraded from PR-generating passing fancy to almost-significant other? The London Daily Mirror claims the Big M got uncharacteristically mushy while celebrating her 51st birthday on Sunday night during a dinner party in Portofino, Italy, with her Brazilian beau and a few dozen friends, including designer-pals Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

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"He's the love of my life," Madonna is quoted as gushing of her dewy, doe-eyed and surprisingly durable 22-year-old arm candy. "He has been so strong around me. I can't thank him enough."

She reportedly followed up this declaration by planting some sugar on Luz, whom she was first linked to last December after they met at a Rio de Janeiro-set photo shoot for W magazine.

"Her speech was totally unexpected," says a snitch, "but it had everyone on their feet, whistling and cheering."

The maturity level-challenged lovebirds continued the PDA the next day as they puckered up on a yacht while hanging out with the pop icon's kids, Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 9, Mercy, 4, and David, 3.

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Jesus, well-trained boyfriend that he is, skillfully maneuvered his lips around Madonna's enormous, harmful UV ray-blocking black hat as they nuzzled and embraced.

And in case there was any doubt as to whose special post-birthday outing it was, the big-gunned singer was decked out in a basketball top and matching shorts reading "Madonna 1," while Mercy was sporting a shirt that proclaimed, "I (Heart) Madonna."

Despite her diamond-hard body, the former Mrs. Guy Ritchie opted to keep covered up while taking a dip, diving in wearing her monogrammed ensemble. Once in the water, she romped with Jesus as shutterbugs clicked away.

"She and Jesus looked madly in love and it was great to see her looking so happy," says a spy. "They just looked like any normal family enjoying a holiday together."

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Still, most normal families don't attend parties tossed by Dolce and Gabbana, who reportedly planned a series of shindigs for Madonna's big day, a lovely gesture that apparently came with a gift-wrapped bundle of stress.

"The trio have been friends for years, but even they were terrified before the event," says a mole. "Stefano even took a homeopathic remedy to relax. But he needn't have worried, the whole thing was a roaring success."

Madonna, who reportedly booked an entire floor of the swanky Hotel Splendido for her stay, resumes her Sticky & Sweet tour in Munich on Tuesday night.

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