At the culmination of 10 weeks of competition, Bristol Palin, seemingly against the odds, has a one-in-three chance of taking home the "Dancing with the Stars" mirrorball trophy on Tuesday night, a situation which has some of her detractors up in arms.

ET's Facebook page has blown up with some users alleging a conspiracy that has kept Palin in the competition. Hundreds of commenters weighed in after Brandy, despite having earned a perfect score the night before, was eliminated on Tuesday, with Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol advancing to the finals.

One user, Chastity Cotten, wrote, [sic] "what is up wit dancing withthe stars? Is there some sort of conspiracy going on with the palins, because bristol cannot dance at all and should of went home along time ago."

Facebook user Pamela Kotsios Owens wrote, [sic] "are you kiddin me that Brandi got booted over Bristol!!!i cmon...she was robbed."

Luis Ramirez wrote on the ET Facebook page, [sic] "Brandy got 'screwed' plain and simple as for Bristol u know that there's a conspiracy going on between 'dancing with the stars' and Sarah Palin, otherwise Bristol would have been sent home a long time ago."

Not everyone thought it the competition was rigged, however. User Sara Teeter wrote, [sic] "The show is also about most improved and Bristol has improved greatly since week one. I highly doubt this is some type of conspiracy...u really think that the tea party cares about some dancing show with a bunch of washed up actors, singers and athletes? The show is just for means nothing. People are getting upset over this? There are plenty of more important things to worry about. GO BRISTOL!"

According to the Associated Press, there are in fact web sites that are championing Bristol and one blogger admits that he has been encouraging people to go around ABC's five-vote per phone line, and five-vote per email address rule.

According to the AP, conservative activist Kevin DuJan of wrote recently, "Start calling the moment the show starts ... After that, use someone else's phone to call the maximum times. Then ... randomly knock on neighbors' doors and use their phones to call, call, call, and then call some more."

He told the AP he didn't see a problem with his tactic. "If people want to have pajama-jammy-jams all night, having pillow fights and roasting marshmallows and voting, then why not," he told the news organization. "Isn't the winner supposed to be the one who has the most passion behind them? Well, this is passion."

Meanwhile "Dancing with the Stars" executive producer Conrad Green told the AP that there are security measures in place to detect abnormal activities like using fake email addresses, but that he doubts many people are doing it.

Green tells the AP that even if people could get around the voting rules, he says it's still fair since fans of any of the dancers could do it. "I don't think there's any reason to believe our voting system is unfair," Green told the news agency. "If someone really wants to sign up for a million e-mail addresses ... well, so be it. But they could be doing that for Jennifer, they could be doing that for Kyle, they could be doing that for anyone."

It's anyone's guess who will take home the trophy on Tuesday's episode of "Dancing with the Stars," but it's safe to say that someone will be disappointed no matter who wins.

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