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Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 6

Jesse James can exhale now. He made it through the weekend without another woman coming forward to claim she greased his gears. But even if the alleged mistress count stops at four, it might not be enough to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

PopEater says the newly minted Oscar winner, who has remained out of sight since the cheating allegations broke, is back in Los Angeles and gearing up to get the legal ball rolling on a divorce.

"It's over," declares a Sandra confidant. "After everything that has happened, it is impossible for them to get back together, even though I'm sure she still loves the man she thought he was."

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TMZ says Bullock has been holed up at her Hollywood Hills estate since last Wednesday, when she arrived back in town after a few days in Texas.

The actress purchased the private, expansive property in 2001, and she held onto it even after settling into James' Huntington Beach, Calif., digs.

"Sandra has returned home to face the problem head-on. She isn't the sort of woman to bury her head in the sand and hope everything will go away," a source explains to PopEater. "As painful as this is going to be, expect Sandra to cut out the cancer very soon."

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Word is, Sandra hasn't been back to the home she shared with James and her 6-year-old stepdaughter, Sunny, since reportedly leaving on March 15, when she's rumored to have learned about In Touch's cover story about her husband's alleged relationship with tatted-up, Nazi-posing fame-seeker, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

According to Radar Online, she plans to steer clear of the house as long as James is there, ostensibly because "she's disgusted" with him and "doesn't want to see him."

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"To have her husband cheating on her and cheating with so many women, it's just something she doesn't deserve," says an obvious-stating source. "She's always conducted herself with dignity. A lot of people never understood her attraction to James but she was loyal to him. And not only did he cheat but he cheated with these women that just make you shake your head ... No one wants to see Sandra hurting like this. She trusted him. And now her marriage has turned into a nightmare."

Last week, Bullock's rep denied reports that she was on the hunt for a divorce attorney.

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