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Kyle Gass has credited his Tenacious D bandmate, Jack Black, with saving him "from the abyss" by sending him to rehab last year.

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Gass admits he fell into a spiral of self-hatred and began getting high on marijuana brownies every day until Black stepped in.

Opening up about his treatment for the first time, Gass tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "I went insane last year. I had to be sent away to the loony hatch. Just rehab. I was eating large amounts of marijuana in brownies. ... Every day. I'd send my assistant to the store. We have stores where you can buy it. It's crazy. I had a desperate need to be Van Gogh or something. Some tremendous artist. Jack's so successful; what's wrong with me? Why isn't this working for me? I hated myself."

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The troubled star initially rejected Black's attempts to stage an intervention, but the "School of Rock" star insisted he get help and hired a private jet to fly his pal to a treatment center in Utah.

Gass adds, "Thank God we went on a private plane. I didn't want any f---ing Southwest Airlines passengers capturing it on their phones. Us hugging in the aisle, crying."

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