Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 13
Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 13

Newly-engaged Jack Osbourne is set to be a first-time dad.

The reality TV star and filmmaker proposed to girlfriend Lisa Stelly last month, and now he's confirmed the pair is expecting its first child.

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Speaking to CNN's Piers Morgan, Osbourne revealed the happy news, and admitted he was nervous about impending parenthood.

He says, "I guess I do have something to tell you, I am about to be a father. I'm excited. I'm a little nervous."

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His rock icon father Ozzy, who already has four grandchildren, jumped with glee after his son announced the news, saying, "I'm shocked. I think it's fabulous."

Osbourne's mother Sharon adds, "I'm happy because it's what Jack wants so, I'm happy, and I've always wanted to be a grandma so it couldn't be better."

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