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Facing a divorce and a DUI charge that came days after she separated from her husband, Jaime Pressly is struggling to stay positive, but it isn't easy.

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"I've been in the business for 16, 17 years, and I've been very good," the 33-year-old "My Name Is Earl" star told "Extra" in February. "I've watched so many people make mistakes, and I never wanted to be that person."

Pressly was pulled over in January after allegedly violating a traffic law. Police claim to have given her a sobriety field test before taking her to the Santa Monica jail on suspicion of DUI. She is pleading not guilty.

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Speaking to People after a hearing in the case last week, her lawyer, Rich Hutton, said she was concerned about how she'll be perceived now.

"She takes this [DUI case] very seriously. She's upset, but overall - aside from this - she's doing very well," Hutton told the magazine. "She's concerned about how the arrest will affect her image because she feels this situation is unjustified ... It doesn't represent who she is."

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The next hearing in Pressly's case is slated for May 3.