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Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 6

By Dana Flax

We cornered "Dancing With the Stars" and "Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka and his fiancee, Vienna Girardi, at last night's premiere of "The Back-up Plan" so we could get the lowdown on their upcoming wedding and how everyone on "DWTS" really feels about the recently departed Kate Gosselin. Check out what they told reporters at the fete, including Vienna's surprising admission that Kate is her homegirl.

Vienna, what'd you think of Jake's tighty-whities on "Dancing With the Stars"?

Vienna Girardi: I had no idea what to expect! When that robe dropped, you should've seen my face.

Kate Gosselin was the last to be eliminated. Jake, how did you feel about that?

Jake Pavelka: We're like a big family. You don't want to see anybody go. My heart cried for Kate last night, because she really is, despite all the rumors and tabloid stuff, a great person.

You guys have had to battle the tabloids, too.

VG: We know exactly what it's like. That's why I became so close to Kate.

JP: You just have to look at it as, it's just a business. It's nothing personal against us. They're just trying to sell magazines.

Jake, are you teaching Vienna anything about the dance floor?

JP: I don't teach her anything, but we frame up so I can practice the steps.

VG: I like being surprised. I like not seeing anything and getting out there and seeing it like everybody else does.

We've heard some rumors ... will Gia be a bridesmaid at your wedding?

VG: Absolutely! Gia has been one of my best friends since the show, so of course she'll be my bridesmaid.

Jake, is Vienna a bridezilla? Vienna, is Jake a groomzilla?

VG: No, we're so laid back!

JP: We'll just hire a wedding planner and show up. We haven't really had time to plan the wedding yet. I do 6-8 hours of dancing [daily], and then the rest of the time we try to turn the cell phones off and enjoy each other. This is actually going to be the first movie we've ever seen together!

And it's about having a baby. Is that something you guys have started thinking about?

VG: No. Not for for four or five years. One step at a time!

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