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Jamie Foxx refuses to name the mothers of his two daughters because it keeps his personal life out of the tabloids.

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The notoriously private star has two children, Corinne, 18, and Annalise, 4, but the identities of their mothers have remained secrets since birth.

Foxx insists he has no confidentiality agreement to keep the women from coming forward, but he is glad the information hasn't leaked since it makes things far less complicated.

He tells Oprah Winfrey, "It's just so cool and calm and that's all you need. ... (I) need somebody ... who's not thirsty for what I do."

The actor admits he has a similar approach to dating, insisting he won't romance anyone who has a problem keeping their relationship quiet.

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Fox lives by the motto, "Whoever you date, don't let anybody know," and he explains, "I was dating a girl one time and I'm sick and there was a premiere and she got her dress and she was like, 'Well, the premiere's tonight ... what are we doing? Because I got this dress.' And I said, 'OK, well you go ahead and go to the premiere and don't come back, because it ain't (sic) about that.' To me, in order to make it in this business, it has to be someone who is willing to sacrifice a little bit more than what they would sacrifice in a normal relationship."

But Foxx isn't looking to walk down the aisle, because most of his married friends are miserable: "I always wanted to be married, 2.5 kids, wood paneling on the side of the station wagon, but ... you get your heart broken one good time, especially for a man, it's catastrophic."

And Foxx is convinced most unions are doomed because of the added pressure placed on couples once they become husband and wife.

He says, "I always felt for my friends that (sic) got married. I would see them married for five years and then see them start to (crumble), and all of the sudden they're not married and they're enemies. Like they hate each other. And then I'm stuck in the middle as their friend and there's kids involved and it wrecks everything. I just don't want that ... I know one couple that is married and they're happy, but everybody else, they are gnawing their arms off."

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