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By Stacie Anthony

You may not know her by name, but if you love all things Hollywood, you definitely know the celebrity magazines that Janice Min has ruled over. This hard-working mom is the editorial director for The Hollywood Reporter and is the former editor-in-chief of Us Weekly. And when she's not working with her team to bring you the latest scoop from the celebuverse, she's on mom duty. Wonderwall recently caught up with Janice to chat about her new book "How to Look Hot in a Minivan." We talked about stylish celeb moms, the not-so-stylish ones, and more.

Wonderwall: Which celebrity do you think has the best mommy style?

Janice Min: "I love the way Heidi Klum dresses, and I love the way Reese Witherspoon dresses. I feel like they both just have that kind of casual cool mom look going on, but they always manage to look put together. I think that there are a lot of moms, who look at them and say 'I like jeans and T-shirts, but I don't quite dress like they do' and if you really dissect what they put together, it's all about the accessories and just sort of being able to throw that look together by just owning the right pieces in your closet."

WW: Which Hollywood mom has the worst mom style?

JM: "Oh boy. The worst I would say is Britney Spears. [She] hasn't really improved over the years. Pamela Anderson. You know the photos of her standing on the side of the soccer field -- that's a little rough. The book points out Miley Cyrus and her mom. One of the rules in "How to Look Hot in a Minivan" is 'You shouldn't be sharing clothes with your daughter.' I think those are probably the standouts… if you're showing under-cleavage either under your breasts or your rear you should probably go home and change."

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WW: How would you describe your own mom style?

JM: "Oh gosh, I would say my own mom style has definitely evolved. I decided along the way I have to wear and buy clothes that I can put on really quickly and know they're going to work. At some point along the way, I stopped buying things that I had to think about and required me to buy more things to go with them in order for me to wear them. Honestly, I wear a ton of dresses; I find dresses to be the easiest things to get out the door. I accessorize them with necklaces, and statement jewelry is really easy to dress up something simple. That way you can also have a dress that can double as dressy or casual depending on how you accessorize it. I would say my weekends, or after work, is very J.Crew and Gap. I feel like there are certain places, like J.Crew where the clothes are casual, but they have enough style that you look presentable on off-hours and you also won't bankrupt yourself."

WW: What are your fashion or beauty must-haves as a mom?

JM: "Definitely indulge in a nice handbag, and nice shoes. If you have those you can make everything else look … put together. I love having a long scarf … you can sort of hide underneath it … whether you're flying on a plane, going on a trip, or going to your kid's soccer game, you can throw it on and immediately look a little more put-together if your outfit is just a T-shirt and jeans. I love having a basic -- in the book we call it a 'Little Red Dress' -- it's fantastic to have a ittle red dress that you can wear. These are things you can wear to let's say, a school auction dinner, you could wear it to work, or on date night with your husband ... And the last thing I think every mom needs to have is dark denim, dark skinny denim, I say in the book that you need to look for dark denim that has about 2 percent Lycra in it, and the great thing with that is it holds the shape, it kind of acts like all-over Spanx without making you look like a sausage. Definitely stay away from the jeggings, no grown woman needs to be in jeggings."

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WW: Why a little red dress and not an LBD?

JM: "It's just more fun. ... It's also a great way to pop and look a little alive. I think every woman looks great in red. It goes with blondes, brunettes and redheads. You see [red] especially in awards season on the red carpet -- you see Jessica Chastain wearing red. And it's funny, when Jessica Chastain was in my office … the day after the SAG Awards and she had worn a red dress there, she said, 'You know it sounds so obvious, but you just can't go wrong in a red dress.' And I thought, 'You know that is absolutely true.'"

WW: What are your key makeup pieces?

JM: "Lorac concealer. I use it for under the eyes because [until] my children are 18, I think I'll have dark circles every day. A good foundation, just to dab on where you need it. I love my Shiseido eyelash curler, which every makeup artist says is a must-have. If you're not going to put on mascara, just do one thing: Curl your lashes. And then also, the second thing all of the makeup artists say is just sort of a neutral lip gloss that you can walk out the door, I call it the five-minute face, you can walk out the door with concealer, curled lashes and lip gloss and you immediately look much more put together."

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WW: What is one thing fashion-wise that you will not sacrifice now that you are a mom?

JM: "I love getting a blowout, and in Los Angeles it's great that we have Dry Bar where you can get a $35 blowout. I think it's a time saver and an indulgence. When I have to wrestle with my own hair sometimes it takes a long time, and a blowout will last for days so I have justified this in my mind as a time saver. … I let manicures and pedicures slide because I think they're very time-consuming and only I will know if my toes look gnarly, no one else will know."