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By Dana Flax, reporting by Mary S. Park

Many fans of the TV show "Mad Men" tune in every Sunday just to see the pristine, mid-century fashions of characters like January Jones' Betty Draper. However, despite playing an ennui-plagued, 1960s housewife on TV, Ms. Jones claims that in real life she's not quite so prim and proper. However, she also claims that she doesn't want you to see her crotch -- a favorite look for several other starlets -- so, go figure. Wonderwall caught up with her at the Tommy Hilfiger show during New York Fashion Week; read on to see what she said about meeting Oprah, the handsome Jon Hamm and some trends she considers a bit too risque.

How was meeting Oprah [for her upcoming "Mad Men"-themed show]?

"It was great, she was lovely and the whole show was '60s theme so everyone was dressed in "Mad Men" gear and the set was all '60s. It was really cool. She had a lot of fun with it."

Is [her "Mad Men" co-star] Jon Hamm charismatic in real life?

"Oh yeah. He's very charismatic, and he's a good person and he's just very smooth. He's very smart and he's got good hair."

What do you think makes him so attractive?

"Geez. He's really, really good looking. And he's just that guy. He's like the old movie star, like, Cary Grant guy, who exudes that masculinity. I think that women want that."

Do you feel influenced by Betty Draper's style?

"Not really, I try to avoid that silhouette because I wear it every day at work. So I try to let people know I'm a modern person and I don't live in the past. So when I'm at an event, or I need to dress up for something, I try to look like me."

What fashion trend do you hate?

"I do hate those diaper pants -- I don't know, I really admire the people who can pull them off, though. I wish I could wear the big shoulder but I can't; I look ridiculous. So it's mainly stuff that I can't pull off that I hate."

A lot of people are wearing crotch-skimming hemlines. What do you think about that trend?

"I haven't seen that. I'm glad. Crotch-skimming hemlines? I like to not have people see my private parts. So, I do wear underwear and I try to keep my hemlines a little bit longer than that. But like I said, if you look good in it and can pull it off, go for it."

Well, if a former Abercrombie model can't pull off the crotch-skimming hemline, we might just have to put that trend to bed for good. *Sigh* If only Lindsay would, too.

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