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By Melissa Hunter

Last night may have been dedicated to the Broadway stage, but tonight marks a different kind of celebration ... for Internet searches. Bing, Microsoft's brand spanking new search engine, is hosting the "Bing-a-thon," a live telethon-esque variety show, which will be hosted by "Saturday Night Live" star Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn from G4's "Attack of the Show!" The show will be streaming live on Hulu tonight and viewers will learn all the wonders of Bing, with the added bonus of being able to watch other Hulu shows commercial-free. So in preparation for their hosting gigs, what are the last five things Jason and Olivia Binged?

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Jason Sudeikis, better known as the "SNL" Taylor Hicks or one half of the A-Hole duo reveals his most intimate Bing searches:

1. "Encyclopedia Britannica" - I just wanted to see what's happened to encyclopedias since the birth of the World Wide Web. It ain't pretty, folks.

2. "Olivia Munn Fan Fiction" - It's very important for me to know how Olivia's fans view her, and to see the type of romantic or fantastical situations they would put her in. Much more important than anything she's ever done in her real life.

3. "Settlers of Catan strategy" - If I may nerd out for a moment ... Settlers of Catan is my favorite board game. I'm always in search of new ways to beat my friends (and random strangers) at this game. When my life is over, I hope to trade brick for an ore AND a sheep at that big Catan game in the sky.

4. "Jason Sudeikis" - My mom knows how to use the Internet, so I need to know what's out there. So I can build my defense.

5. "Bing" - I thought that by Binging the word "Bing" I would melt the Internet, and therefore control the world. Didn't work. :-(

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In addition to hosting "Attack of the Show!," Olivia Munn has also been one of Maxim's Hot 100 for two years running. Jason has yet to be nominated; it's a point of contention we won't discuss. Here are Olivia's latest Bing queries:

1. Flights from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles to fly out my mother -- I am going blind go-kart racing for "Attack of the Show!," and my mother will be giving me driving directions in my ear... Oh, yeah, she's got a thick Asian accent. I hope I don't die. And, thanks to the price predictor, I am going to wait five days before buying.

2. Jason Sudeikis -- I wanted to know more about my co-star and this little skit show he does on Saturday nights.

3. Vado Creative Camera -- I have one and want another... i used Bing shopping to compare prices and get user and expert reviews. Bing shopping gives up to 8% cash back on the cams! I have about six flip-type cameras ... I could start my own paparazzi gang ... but instead I use them to blog.

4. Hoverboards -- The day someone creates a hoverboard, is the day my life begins.

5. Weather and tide reports for Santa Monica, CA -- Bing gives you the weather report right on the results page. I want to go surfing this weekend, and need to see the weather. Wet suit or bikini?

The "Bing-a-thon" airs tonight at 5p.m. Pacific/ 8p.m. Eastern live on Hulu.

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