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By Jessica Wedemeyer, reporting by Heather Newgen

Jenna Fischer is saying goodbye to Hollywood -- temporarily, at least! -- as she puts her acting career on hold to focus on her other job: motherhood.

"I'm on a hiatus and just being a mom," the "Office" alum told Wonderwall when asked how she juggles parenting her 2-year-old son, Weston Lee, with her career. "I'm really, really lucky that 'The Office' has afforded me the luxury of being able to stay home with [my kids] while they're young -- so I'm going to take advantage of that … by temporarily retiring from being a Hollywood actress!"

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While Jenna isn't quite prepared to put her acting days entirely behind her, fans shouldn't exactly hold their breath for her speedy return to the silver screen: "I'd love to return to television one day when [my kids are] in school and they're a little older," she told us at QVC's 5th Annual Red Carpet Style event in Los Angeles on Feb. 28. "Working 50 hours a week with two little ones -- I feel so lucky that I don't have to do that."

For now, the Emmy nominee, who just entered her third trimester -- "This is when all the aches and pains start," she says -- is more focused on welcoming the new addition to her family.

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"My stomach just popped out -- it's growing fast!" says Pam Halpert's alter ego, adding that she "feel[s] good." That's probably because pregnancy is proving to be much easier the second time around for the "Office" alum: Though she was "really sick in the beginning this time," the actress claims to have "a relativity comfortable pregnancy." And it doesn't hurt that she's been craving predominantly healthy foods.

"Luckily, my cravings this time around have been more fresh fruits and vegetables," she says. "I almost feel bad saying that because the first time I [had] cravings for cereal and grilled cheese, which is what I ate. I'm really just eating what I want -- and it happens that this baby really wants mango and salad with a tart dressing." It's a good thing too considering Jenna is too "distracted being a mom" to make working out a major priority.

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Her adorable distraction, son Weston, may be too young to understand the important role he's about to inherit, but Jenna and her husband, actor-writer Lee Kirk, are already putting in extra effort to ensure their eldest feels comfortable with a new baby in the house: "We talk to him about what babies are like and what he was like as a baby so that when the new one is here, he doesn't feel threatened too much," she says. If only Jenna could stop her fans from feeling neglected in equal fashion!