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Jennifer Aniston got a taste of life as a pseudo-mom in her latest comedy, "We're the Millers." Because she plays a stripper who poses as a married mother of two, the 44-year-old actress has often been asked when she plans to have a baby of her own with Justin Theroux, her fiancé of nearly a year.

During an Aug. 7 interview on ABC News, Aniston says she gets frustrated when journalists ask questions alluding to her procreation plans by "trying to relate it to the movie with, 'Oh, if I was to have a child how many kids do I want?' And 'do I want a boy or a girl?'"

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The once-wed star then joked, "I didn't realize you could place orders! I honestly didn't realize it was like a drive-through, that you could talk to a little electronic voice."

The actress said she tries her best to ignore stories about her desire to start a family with Theroux, 41. "I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs, and I tune that noise out. I mean, I think it's very sweet that people want everything for me," she explained, noting that she's "so content and happy" right now.

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Aniston also revealed how she got in shape to play an exotic dancer in "We're the Millers" (co-starring Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts). "Honestly it was the craziest workout," she said of exercising an hour a day, six days a week. "My diet has always been pretty clean but I think I was super, super strict. ... I'll usually cheat once or twice a week and I just kind of didn't."

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Despite the film's adult content, Aniston believes it's a family movie at heart. "Well, what family means to me is the family I've chosen," she told ABC News, "and my friends and my partner are truly my family."


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