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While growing up, Jennifer Lawrence, one of the true beacons of high fashion, didn't know the difference between Oscar de la Renta and Old Navy.

My, how things have changed.

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Growing up in Kentucky, "The Hunger Games" star didn't really have a need for runway-ready gowns, with a simple lifestyle that involved riding horses in middle America.

"In Louisville, when I was a child, I inherited clothes from my two older brothers [Ben and Blaine] that I put together with things that my mother dug out of yard sales," she told French magazine Madame Figaro. "I was a true tomboy."

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That would also explain why red carpets were a foreign concept to her early in her acting career.

"I hated dressing up for my first red carpets, because I never felt comfortable in these glamorous dresses," she said.

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Now, though, media events are second nature for J.Law, as is glamor. Now the face of Dior, Jennifer Lawrence says still a girl's girl and, like many other women, can't live without her oversized purse.

"I have an enormous one, nicknamed 'The Flagship' which I lug around everywhere and everything is in there," she says. "My basics? Lollipops for my nephews … my wallet, my passport, my phone, and a collection of lip balms and pens. Since they always fall to the bottom, I forget and buy new ones non-stop …"