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By Melissa Hunter

He may play a hot-shot, cocky agent on "Entourage," but Jeremy Piven is sensitive, guys. Piven and Chris Kattan reportedly got into a fight at MTV backstage recently, just before going on Alexa Chung's show. Allegedly, Kattan made a jab about the Broadway play Piven infamously left. But not only did Kattan end up being the bigger man in the situation, it also put him in the news for the first time in many years. Double win for the rando' celeb.

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Gatecrasher reports that the two were in the green room when Kattan said to Piven, "So what are you here to promote, your Broadway play?"

Piven replied, "Well, what are you here to promote? Mango?"

Oh, snap! Who needs snarky celebrity bloggers when the celebs jab at each other for us? (No, actually, we're totally necessary. You really need us. Especially you, boss).

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An insider says, "After some back and forth, Jeremy said something really personal to Chris that basically attacked his career. He said 'Whoa, man -- I thought we were just fooling around here.'"

To which Piven responded, "I'm getting sued for that s---. It's not funny!" He then reportedly slammed the green door right in Chris' face and 20 or so people in the hallway heard him yelling obscenities.

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Wowza. I'm sure Piven may be touchy about the issue not only because of the lawsuit, but also since he's been railed on about this for about 7 or 8 months (present Web site included), but can you blame us? An LA celebrity leaves a Broadway play because of mercury poisoning due to too much sushi is possibly the best real life joke celebrity news has given us in ages. In fact, it should be written into an episode of "Entourage" for Adrian Grenier's character. The show could afford a story line that doesn't involve sleeping with supermodels or Vince getting his millionth comeback.

But really, Piven has been enduring extreme sushi withdrawal, so we shouldn't be too hard on the guy.