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Jessa Duggar Seewald, who is expecting her first child, prompted many to believe that she was going into labor when she abruptly cancelled an appearance at the Southern Women's Group show in Jacksonville, Florida, on Oct 17 "due to unforeseen circumstances."

But the 22-year-old shut down the speculation when she took to Instagram to share a collage of pictures of herself getting coffee and a pedicure. Turns out she was just out and about with her mother and sister-in-law!

"My sweet mother-in-law treated me to a pumpkin spice drink from #MamaCarmens, and Sierra insisted that I get something cheery painted on my toes in prep for labor! Y'all are spoiling me!" the reality-TV star, who is in the remaining weeks of her pregnancy, wrote in the caption.

Jessa may be enjoying being pampered by her family, but her Instagram followers were quick to take issue with her post, criticizing the pregnant woman for drinking coffee and inhaling nail salon fumes while heavy with child.

The 22 year old is due on Nov. 1, which just so happens to be her first wedding anniversary.