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By Dana Flax

With about a bajillion rom com ticket sales to her (nick)name, it's hard to imagine Jennifer Lopez as a regular ole humble mother of twins, is it not?

On the contrary, J.Lo's bestie Leah Remini told reporters at "The Back-up Plan" premiere that, "At the end of the day, she's just a mom," whereas J.Lo herself said motherhood's made her sillier. Maybe we pegged you all wrong, Jenny!

Wonderwall was at the fete; check out J.Lo's answers to questions from the reporting pool below.

So what drew you to this film in particular?

Jennifer Lopez: I love romantic comedies, I don't know if I'm more easy-going and able to laugh at myself more, but I'm really enjoying the comedy and being silly. Maybe it's the babies! You're start doing all these crazy things, and you're like, "Wow, I haven't laughed like this in a long time."

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What's the trick to being a mom and looking like that?

JL: You've gotta put a little effort into it, I'm not gonna lie!

When you were pregnant, did you have a hard time finding really fun and stylish maternity wear?

JL: Sure! Especially when you get into the super heavy months. It's tough. I think anything kind of draped and empire waist is really the best thing to wear. Trying anything else too tight is just crazy! I lived in these Isabella Oliver wrap tops that give a little support on your belly.

Any music news for us?

JL: Yeah, we're working on music right now! As we speak, music is happening.

A duet? Solo?

JL: Solo. [Marc] has his own album coming out right now, which is brilliant.

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