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As the first sexual assault case against John Travolta appears to be falling apart, the attention in the actor's scandal has shifted to his second accuser, referred to as John Doe No. 2. The accusers attorney says he is currently preparing for a private trial, and is shooting down reports indicating mediation is an option. "There is no mediation. There'll never be a settlement. I want privacy for sex crime victims," Okorie Okorocha tells People Magazine.

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"It looks like [Travolta's attorney Marty Singer] wants one hell of a fight, and that is what he'll get from me," Okorocha says. If John Doe #2's attorney gets his way, the trial could be held completely in private.

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When questioned about any evidence to disprove John Doe No. 2's sexual assault allegations against Travolta in an Atlanta hotel in January, Singer states, "We'll disprove it, but we need specifics first. It's hard to disprove something when you don't have more specific allegations."

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Regardless of the claims set forth by a former cruise ship employee that Travolta propositioned him in 2009, Singer maintains the actor's innocence. "People are going to come forward to get their 15 minutes of fame," Singer tells People. "This was all started by Doe #1, and everyone else came out of the woodwork with false claims."