"Two and a Half Men" co-star Jon Cryer has broken his silence on Charlie Sheen's latest meltdown that has halted production on the hit CBS show.

Cryer took to his Twitter account to show his dismay at the events of the past few weeks: "It's too sad! Sorry guys, that you must hear so bad news! I'm also shocked!" The tweet is the first reaction from any cast member since the show shut down production due to Sheen's erratic behavior. 

Sheen has repeatedly lashed out at CBS executives in recent weeks and just yesterday called into a nationally syndicated radio show to criticize the producers of  "Two and a Half Men." "I was told if I went on the attack, they would cancel the show and all that, and so I'm just sort of seeing if they're telling the truth or not," Charlie told "The Alex Jones Show."

In the interview, Charlie went on to directly insult the producers: "Look what I'm dealing with, fools and trolls." "I don't have time for their judgment and stupidity," he said.

Sheen has been hospitalized three times in three months, with production on "Two and a Half Men" put on hold in January after his most recent hospital stay following a night of alleged partying. Production was to have resumed next week, but after the actor's statements on Thursday, that plan was abruptly canceled.

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