Entertainment Tonight.

In an interview with ET airing Friday night, Jon Gosselin is apologizing to his estranged wife Kate.

He tells ET's Mary Hart that if he has one thing to say to Kate, it would be: "Kate, I just want to apologize, you know for my actions. You know, I'm sorry, you know, that I was an avoider and I didn't communicate properly. And now I have to take initiative, let's both go together, let's both mediate this thing out."

He also tells ET he plans to apologize to Kate face-to-face.

Jon goes on to explain to Mary that he's apologized to his eight children as well: "I've apologized to them, meaning you know, I'm sorry that I can't be here all the time."

He goes on to say, "I mean they're [aged] 5 and 8, but they understand tabloids, they understand paparazzi, they understand all that stuff. They know things that are always printed are not truth. ... They are media trained themselves, but when the time is right as a father I'll decide what I'm going to do with my kids, apologizing whys and what's right to say. I mean, that's why I am getting counseling and that's why I have a great team because I don't really know what to say to them that won't hurt them or harm them in any way."

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