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Jon Gosselin is ready to go to the mat: the yoga mat!

See Us' exclusive photos of Jon Gosselin doing yoga -- and find out what our yoga expert has to say about his form!

The latest stop on his quest for inner peace was a yoga studio at a Los Angeles hotel Nov. 5. As exclusive photos at show, the 32-year-old reality star -- in shorts and a tattoo-revealing tank top -- tried out basic poses, stretches and breathing and meditation exercises.

Yoga may help the embattled star "find balance in his life," Michelle Dumas, Programming Director at Manhattan's Pure Yoga, tells Us.

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"I'm sure with all that has been going on in Jon's life, things are out of whack," Dumas tells Us. "He's got to let go of external distractions and tap into his spirituality."

Observing snapshots of Gosselin's novice yoga session, Dumas says that his body seems "closed off" and "holds a lot of tension."

That's no surprise. Facing numerous legal battles from his estranged wife Kate Gosselin and cable network TLC, Gosselin stormed off an Entertainment Tonight set recently after getting into a shouting match with girlfriend Hailey Glassman -- who had previously accused him of throwing "mantrums."

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Prior to this outburst, Gosselin admitted Oct. 29 that "I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and be carried away by the challenges of fame," and that he yearned to "reconnect with my deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self."

The first steps in this spiritual rebirth, he said, would be lots of quality time with his new spiritual advisor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and with his eight kids.

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Yoga, says expert Dumas, could also help him become a better father.

"A big tenant of yoga is to let go, to be present in the moment," she tells Us. "So when he's with his children, he could actually be present and be a father."

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In addition to his yoga session, he took a break by the pool to munch on a green apple, chat on his phone and catch up on some reading.

His books of choice? Tao Te Ching, a Taoist self-help tome, and a children's book.

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