Jon Gosselin's trip to Front Street Bar & Grill on Monday wasn't scandalous, the bar's manager tells

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On Memorial Day, the same day the new season of their TLC show premiered, the 32-year-old dad was photographed drinking a Miller Lite beer with two women, but the Newburgh, NY, bar manager Robb Tanczos tells Us they weren't affectionate at all.

According to Tanczos, Jon just wanted to come in "to have a beer and chill." He was standing around talking to the women -- one was middle-aged and one who looked to be in her 20s or 30s -- when he noticed a few people taking photos. He turned his back to the cameras.

"People weren't causing a scene or ooohing and ahhhing, but Jon could tell people were starting to notice him and he got uncomfortable," Tanczos says.

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Jon, who only stayed at the bar for 30 minutes, finished his first beer and left, Tanczos tells Us.

A woman named Jess called into 104.7 The Dial radio station after spotting Jon at the Front Street tiki bar.

"They were just ... drinking some Miller Lites," Jess said on the air. "No canoodaling, nothing like that. He was wearing his ring, I will give him that."

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Tanczos tells Us that Jon was rumored to be in New York to spend time with TLC's American Chopper guys.

Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin was spotted with her bodyguard Steve Neild and most of their brood getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, NC, Wednesday morning.