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When Josh Brolin's daughter, Eden, decided to become an actress, it made her papa proud -- and he knew better than to be protective.

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The "Men in Black III" star says that while he knows the struggles and heartbreak that can accompany an actor's life, he also knew from experience that there would be no stopping his teenage daughter from pursuing a career in show business.

"The thing is, you look at your kid and basically you're going, 'What do you want to do with your life?' 'I want to be rejected my entire life.' 'Go for it!'" chuckles Brolin. "It's not something that you wish for your kids. Even in the greatest successes, you're always going to have people slamming you. It's constant, especially now with the Internet and all that. But she's got the skin, she's got the heart and she's got the talent, so why not?"

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Eden is Brolin's daughter with his first wife, actress Alice Adair, and certainly hails from a show biz lineage: Along with her dad and stepmother, Diane Lane, grandfather James Brolin has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood (as has James' wife, superstar Barbra Streisand).

"She has much more talent than my father and I put together, for sure," says Brolin. "I've seen her on stage: it just blew my mind. If it's in there, it's in there."

The actor also recalls having a similar experience with his own father when acting beckoned. "Everybody imagines your dad was an actor so, therefore, you became an actor," says Brolin. "My dad wasn't in the position to get me a job. He didn't run a studio or something -- my dad was trying to get his own jobs. So when I became an actor, he was like, 'You sure you wanna do that?!' And now my daughter's into it and it's the same thing."

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