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Josh Brolin, take a bow, sir.

While vacationing in Hawaii last month, the "Gangster Squad" actor came to the rescue of a stranded surfer, perhaps even saving the man's life. Although the incident apparently happened a few weeks ago, video and news of Josh's heroics surfaced on March 13.

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According to the Daily Mail, Josh was surfing when he "noticed someone floating face down on his board in the ocean." The actor then paddled to the distressed man to check on his well being.

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In a video of the incident, it appears the struggling man grabs the leash of Josh's surfboard, while the actor tows the distressed surfer to shore. The video shows the man nearly powerless and struggling to even stay on his own board while Josh paddles him to shore.

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It is believed that the man had become exhausted as he struggled to paddle against a strong current in the Pacific Ocean.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is hero stuff.