Josh Duhamel isn't worried about the sleepless nights and dirty diapers that await him when wife Fergie gives birth to their first child later this year. On the contrary, he says he's looking forward to them.

"Everybody who's had a baby or knows somebody who's had a baby seems to have advice about something," the 40-year-old dad-to-be told ET Canada. "'Oh, you better sleep now; you're not going to get any when the baby's here.' 'Oh, your life is over after that.' 'Oh, it's the most beautiful thing ever, but, oh, it's tough.'"

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"I feel like we're ready for it," the Transformers actor continued. "I actually look forward to that."

In fact, he wants to do as much of that as possible. "I plan on taking [off] as much time as I can just before and as much time as possible after," he told ET Canada. "I can't imagine having a kid and then not being able to be there. That would just drive me crazy. My head would be at home with mom and baby."

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Which is not to say he wants to give up his career entirely. "[If] I am working, they can come with me, or if she is working, I can go with them," he explained of how he and Fergie will work it out. "I can't see myself ever wanting to be away from my wife and kid."

Fergie, for her part, told Us Weekly recently that she has the utmost confidence in Duhamel's parenting abilities. "He's been amazing," the 38-year-old pregnant singer gushed in April. "He's so nice and wonderful, and he sings and talks to my belly all the time. He's very complimentary. I'm very lucky that he is really good to me."

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"He's going to be an amazing father," she added. "he's just got natural parenting instincts, and he wanted to knock me up from our first date! He is ready!"

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This article originally appeared on Josh Duhamel: "I Feel Like Fergie and I Are Ready" for the Baby