British singer Joss Stone is convinced she was targeted in a foiled robbery plot because of her millions.

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Two men were arrested near Stone's countryside home in England last month and accused of planning to attack and rob her.

The "You Had Me" hitmaker, who is one of the richest singers under the age of 30 in the U.K., believes reports of her estimated $14.4 million fortune are "dangerous" and may be to blame for the harrowing incident.

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Stone tells Britain's You magazine, "The idea that you have all this money just gives people another reason to hate you."

But the defiant 24-year-old remains unfazed by the drama and refuses to leave her home in Cullompton, a town near Devon, England over fears for her safety.

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She adds, "It's highlighted to me how brilliant the community down here is. Everyone around is like extended family, all of us looking out for each other. I could never live anywhere else."