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A Los Angeles judge overseeing Amanda Bynes' hit-and-run case has given the embattled actress a stern warning: stay out of trouble or face jail time.

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Her driver's license was suspended on Sept. 12 after a string of traffic troubles, including a DUI charge and two counts of hit-and-run, but she ignored the ban and was back on the road the following day, when she was involved in a minor fender bender.

The 26-year-old was caught behind the wheel again on Sunday when she was pulled over by Burbank, Calif., police, who issued her a ticket for getting behind the wheel with a suspended license and impounded her black BMW 5-series.

Prosecutors appealed to Judge Elden Fox to impose $50,000 bail on Bynes following her additional legal issues, claiming she posed a risk to the public, but her lawyer headed to court on Wednesday to argue the request.

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Judge Fox sided with Bynes' representative and denied the motion for bail as the star's most recent hit-and-run charge occurred on Aug. 4, when she was still allowed to drive.

He stated, "Technically, Ms. Bynes is not in violation of [an] order not to drive without a valid driver's license."

However, the judge made it clear that Bynes would face strict punishment if she was pulled over by traffic cops again and warned her lawyer she would face a much higher bail than the $50,000 proposed.

Bynes is due to stand trial for the DUI and hit-and-run charges on Oct. 29.

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