Carter Smith / Allure 1 / 9
Carter Smith / Allure 1 / 9

Breakup, hair shake-up! When Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest split after two years of dating, she decided she needed a fresh start, and she needed to start right at the top.

At the time, Julianne had just chopped her hair for her role in "Safe Haven," so she thought, why stop there.

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"I chopped more," the blonde beauty said of her breakup haircut, a piecey bob cut. "It was about changing it up and beginning fresh—in the movie but in real life, also."

Asked whether she ever sees her ex, Julianne said, "It's hard not to—he's everywhere!"

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The former "Dancing With The Stars" pro has since moved on with her NHL boyfriend, Brooks Laich. But, some things never change for her. As she's done for some time, every morning she does the same thing: She recites her "power virtues" out loud.

"A power virtue is who you want to be. I say the words, 'I am' beforehand," she says in the April 2015 cover story for Allure Magazine. Last year, her goal was to be more honest; this year, she tells herself, "I am determined," "I am passionate," "I am grateful," and "I am love."

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The virtues may sound a bit religious. Julianne was raised in a Mormon household, although she no longer active in the church.

"I am so grateful that I was raised LDS," she said. "I believe in their morals and their standards—and what they give out to the world, the service."