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Karl Milan / Splash News 1 / 9

It seems like it's been a particularly tough month for Mischa Barton. Her credit cards were purportedly declined at Whole Foods after she'd already begun munching on her pasta purchase. She also put her Beverly Hills mansion on the market (for a mere $8.4 million, all this can be yours).

Then, last week, paparazzi caught her digging for gold while sporting an unflattering pair of short-shorts.

It's enough to make a girl need a night out on the town, which is what the New York Post says the former "O.C." starlet enjoyed on Saturday at the Bar Marmont in Los Angeles.

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An eyewitness alleges to the paper that Mischa, 24, appeared "totally out of it" as she hit the hot spot solo.

"A few minutes after she comes in, she runs outside and vomits everywhere," claims the spy. "And then she went back inside and hung out for the rest of the night."

Of course, Mischa's supposed cookie-tossing could be from any number of things, like food poisoning, or the flu, or the residual effect of watching the few "Beautiful Life" episodes that actually aired.

When we contacted Barton's rep for comment on the report and an update on the general state of her health (hey, we're genuinely concerned), he responded by passing along a recent piece from gossip vet Liz Smith, who complimented the actress's performance as a hooker in a recent episode of "Law & Order: SVU" and called out the media for its treatment of her.

"Like many young people who rise fast in showbiz, Miss Barton had some issues, which I believe she has dealt with. But no matter how hard she tries, she remains a particular target of the gossip websites, which enjoy tearing her apart," opined Liz. "The ugliness on these sites is unprecedented, especially toward women. Brava, Miss Barton. Ignore the creeps. Keep your head high, your nose clean and your résumé active. You are the real deal."

Mischa has indeed had some issues. She was arrested for drunken driving in 2007, an episode she later described as "a low point."

She bottomed out again in July 2009, when she was placed on a psychiatric hold, a situation she blamed on post-wisdom-tooth surgery pain.

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"One stay in the hospital was turned into this huge, 'She's lost her marbles' thing, and people look at me like I'm unstable and they should probably cross the street when they see me," Barton explained a couple of months after the incident. "I just had a bad time of year and now it's all over and done with."

So, do you think Mischa's problems are in the past and a comeback is one good role away, or are you worried about the path she's on? Tell us in the comments.

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