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Columbia Pictures / Promotional 1 / 9

By Melissa Hunter

I will be the first to say that Demi Moore is an incredibly good-looking woman. I've seen her several times in person and she is just as radiant and perfect-looking as you'd expect. Compounded by the fact that she's 47, it seems downright unfair. So that being said, we get it, Demi. You're hot. No need for the sexy overkill. We want to be jealous of you. Not embarrassed for you.

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The first too-much transgression came in the form of performing an impromptu, awkward sexy dance at a Snoop concert, which was naturally recorded by an audience member's camera phone and posted on the Internet immediately. The bump 'n' grind vid landed on TMZ and unless you were drunk and dancing yourself while watching that video, you probably cringed a little too.

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Now, seemingly on a roll, Demi has posted a series of self-pics in a bikini on Twitter and the results are, well, awkward. Can't someone cast her as a hot mom already so she doesn't have to take out her sexy self-expression on the online world? If she's trying to shed her cougar title, this isn't helping.

I paused for a moment before writing this, thinking maybe this is a double standard. Maybe society wouldn't judge a man so hard for similar behavior. But if Daniel Craig was out posting half-nude pics on the Internet and bumping and grinding at a Missy Elliot concert, I would not give Daniel a pass on that one.

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When I think about graceful, gorgeous older women, the obvious dynamic duo comes to mind: Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. But part of their older woman sex appeal is that they embrace their age. In their graying hair and fine lines, they look sophisticated, poised and yes, still sexy. Demi is only 13 years younger than Meryl, so I have to wonder whether in 2023, Demi will join the ranks of sexy senior citizens, or if she'll be gearing up for "Striptease 2." The choice is yours, Demi.