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By Dana Flax

There's something about John Mayer that seems to inspire low-down, no-good pugnaciousness. In fact, he's a bona fide rabble-rouser, and his latest stunt certainly doesn't help his case any.

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According to our friends at The Socialite Life, on the heels of Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump's recent arrest, Mayer offered via Twitter (natch) to donate $25,000 to charity if TMZ could find and post his 2001 mug shot.

OK, there's no disputing that donating thousands of dollars to charity is a nice gesture. But is it just me, or isn't John Mayer like that super self-involved friend that miraculously finds a way to segue even the most unrelated topic of conversation back to him? John, you may claim to be waiting on the world to change, but for your ego's sake, it better still revolve around you.

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Anyway, this Twitter challenge apparently sparked some sort of competition between TMZ and Court TV's sister Web site, The Smoking Gun, which houses famous people's public documents and mug shots. (If you haven't already, go check out Larry King's mug shot. Surreal!) After The Smoking Gun posted it first, apparently TMZ posted it and forged the post time to make it look like they were first ... blah blah blah.

Um, who cares? Health care called. It politely asked for John Mayer's attention.

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And what is the fuss with John Mayer all about? Seems like all he does is find a new starlet to date, throw her out with the day's bathwater and then tweet about the temptation to pleasure himself. Didn't he once make music or something? Something about somebody's body being a wonderland?

Come on, John. If you were half as good at playing the guitar as you are at playing the tabloid game, you'd be Jimi Hendrix.

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