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Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 14

By Melissa Hunter

We received a press release today that Taylor Swift beat out Justin Bieber to be inducted into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame. And by "Bowling Hall of Fame" do they really mean Button-Nosed Pop Star Hall of Fame? Then, sure. Otherwise, if I may be so bold as to ask: uh, what?

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Bowling enthusiasts voted during National Bowling Week on and out of 1.3 million votes, Taylor got more than 600,000 of them. Whoa!

The (distant) third place nominee was Bill Murray, which is much more logical as he starred in "Kingpin." And fourth place? Jeff Bridges. Come ON, guys, he was the friggin' DUDE, after all. But I guess, like homecoming and prom, bowling is merely a popularity contest.

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"In many ways Taylor Swift perfectly represents the current face of bowling," says the executive director of the Bowling Proprietor's Association of America.

How exactly is she a representation of modern bowling?

Let's look at the possible reasoning for this decision:

1. She wears T-shirts. Those super-casual, one-of-the-boys kinds of girls are ones you'll find in a bowling alley. Only problem is the main indication that Taylor is, in fact, a tomboy is the music video for "You Belong With Me." Otherwise she basically wears normal pop princess garb.

2. She's not a sore loser. There is a 20-second YouTube video that shows Taylor bowling with Selena Gomez. She knocked down one pin. She was very excited about it. She cheered for herself. Actually, now that I think about it, bowlers are incredibly sore losers.

3. She's from Pennsylvania. After doing some extensive research, I discovered that Pennsylvanians do, in fact, have bowling alleys. In fact, quite a few have made a hobby of it! So, there's that.

4. She's incredibly famous and popular, thus she gets awards so sucker bloggers like me will write posts about it ...Dammit.

You win this round, Bowling Proprietor's Association of America.

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