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Gregory Harris / Interview / . 1 / 6

By Dana Flax

Red alert! Someone broke Justin Bieber's heart? Is this even possible? In the April issue of Interview magazine, the shaggy-haired heartthrob opens up about the fierce lady responsible for his loneliness. (Don't worry, Biebs, we can think of a few girls who'd help you out with that.) Plus, he gabs about performing for the first couple and, duh, how his hair stays so absolutely adorbs. Check out highlights below.

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Of all the girls in world, he only has eyes for Sasha Fierce:

"I've been totally in love with her since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z."

Guess endless YouTube practices never prepare you for performing for the president:

"[Performing for the Obamas was] the only time I've ever been nervous to perform."

The hair that launched a million screams? Yeah, it's effortless:

"I don't style it. I just blow-dry it and kind of shake it."

The $64,000 question -- Does he know what he's singing about?:

"I haven't been in love yet. I've definitely loved girls. But it's kinda like puppy love. It's not the real thing, but that's what you think at the time."

What does Bieber's 'World 2.0' consist of?:

"I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me."

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