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@justinbieber / Instagram 1 / 9

In case you had forgotten, Justin Bieber's friends are richer than yours.

It's not quite the Biebs' 21st birthday (the countdown is on!), but he's already starting to haul in gifts, and the first present didn't come cheap.

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TMZ is reporting that the "Beauty and a Beat" singer was given a classic car valued at $20,000 from friends John and Sammy Shahidi. The car isn't really just a car, though, it's a lifestyle: a '65 Lincoln Continental, similar to the car seen in HBO's "Entourage."

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The gift-givers are Justin's business partners in the selfie-app "Shots," so they can afford it. Justin has already been seen rolling around Los Angeles' famous Sunset Strip in his new ride.

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It's shades of "Good Will Hunting" when Will's friends give him a car for his 21st birthday ... only way more expensive in this case.

Justin will be in Las Vegas celebrating his 21st birthday on March 14 at the new Omnia nightclub. No word yet on whether he'll drive there.