Justin Timberlake has issued the new single "Mirrors," which arrives with an epic video stretching out to a playing time of more than eight minutes.

"Mirrors" seems cracked into two parts. The first is a non-linear study of an elderly couple, tracing their decades-long affair which initially ignites at a billiard hall. Throughout, the actors are particularly big on long, thoughtful poses.

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JT doesn't make his appearance until more than five minutes into the promo, whereupon he delivers some suave dance moves in a house of mirrors. A serious-looking Timberlake is surrounded by images of a young lady in a blue-rinse wig, evoking memories of Pris from "Blade Runner."

The clip opens with a dedication to William and Sadie, apparently a nod to Timberlake's grandparents. Floria Sigismondi, who helmed "The Runaways," is the director.

The arrival of "Mirrors" coincides with the release of Timberlake's third solo effort, "The 20/20 Experience," which is expected to move more than half a million copies in its first week. The second volume is expected to arrive later this year.