@sanctionedjohnnygalecki / Instagram 1 / 4
@sanctionedjohnnygalecki / Instagram 1 / 4

There's no scandal on the set of "The Big Bang Theory!"

Both Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki took to Instagram on Oct. 14 to debunk romance rumors following Kaley's split from Ryan Sweeting.

"So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here. Me and @sanctionedjohnnygaleckiare just the best of buds- Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!!! 💗💗❤❤" Kaley captioned her picture, in which she fist-bumps her 40-year-old co-star.

Johnny followed up with a very similar photo with the caption, "No scandals / home wreckers / pregnancies here, y'all. Just profound friendship. @normancook ❤"

The posts are seemingly in response to recent reports that the two were romantically connected. Kaley, 29, announced in September she was divorcing her tennis pro husband after 21 months of marriage.