Looks like Kanye West is in need of a little damage control -- not from his publicist but from his mechanic. On Thursday, May 16, two days after the rapper's $750,000 Lamborghini was hit by the front gate at girlfriend Kim Kardashian's L.A. house, the damage to his pricey ride was revealed.

New pictures of the car -- a gift from Kardashian -- show multiple scratches behind the door and above the tire on the side of the luxury vehicle. There's no word yet on how much it'll cost to repair the marks, but given the price of the automobile itself, it's not likely to be cheap.

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As Us Weekly reported earlier, the 35-year-old hip hop star was not behind the wheel at the time of the accident. According to TMZ, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 had just been serviced and was being delivered to Kardashian's house when the electric gate began to close in on the car. Both sides of the high-end vehicle were hit by the swinging wooden doors, and a mechanic had to be sent to evaluate the rest of the damages.

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West is currently in New York City preparing for his performance on the May 18 episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Ben Affleck. Asked recently whether he planned to "humanize" himself on the show by participating in a "skit about the paparazzi and s--t," the "Mercy" rapper scoffed.

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"I ain't here to apologize to no motherf---ers, man. It ain't about me humanizing myself," he said. "At what point did I become un-human where I had to turn myself back? Or maybe I was demonized. Or maybe I was treated inhumane and not human in that kind of situation."

"All I do is sit in the studio and make real, real s--t .And that's it," he rhymed. "That's mother f---ing it. That's mother f---ing it."

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