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Matt Baron / BEImages / Rex USA 1 / 12

Kat Graham's passion for fashion does not extend to her "The Vampire Diaries" wardrobe. The 25-year-old actress, who portrays witch Bonnie Bennett on the hit CW series, is known for her funky and fabulous personal sense of style. So how does she feel about her alter ego's earthy attire? Not good, apparently!

"In wardrobe fittings, I'm like, 'Next, next, next!'" Kat dished while promoting "TVD" at Comic-Con 2015.

But according to the actress, that may actually be for the best: "It helps you not be attached to a character," she told "I find a lot of actors start to get a little finicky when they're basically dressing themselves. That to me is so boring. I'm not interested in playing myself. […] I can put on anything because I would never wear this, so it really doesn't matter. As long as it stays in the vein of the character, I feel totally fine."

On the rare occasions that her wardrobe stylists do veer off course with Bonnie's look, Kat is the first one to speak up: "One time they tried to put me in paten leather boots," she said. "It was the first season, so they hadn't really figured out [Bonnie's style]. I actually told them no -- but I was like, 'Can I take them, though?' Let's have a swap night!"

Considering patent leather boots are right up her alley, it's no surprise that Kat especially enjoyed spending most of the last season of "TVD" with her on-screen alter ego relegated to a prison world set in 1994.

"They put me in the '90s, and I was like, 'I'm cool! Leave me there. I'm fine! No, really. I'm good. I'm fine,'" she told us. "I actually brought a lot of my own clothes to set, so some of [Bonnie's wardrobe] was actually my stuff. The biker shorts were definitely mine."

Kat's passion for '90s fashion doesn't stop at biker shorts: "High-tops and crop tops are kind of my thing -- and chunky heels," she says. "My perfect style icon would be Linda Evangelista. [Her style] was cool and hip for the time, but now you look at it and it looks slightly dated but in a classic way."

But it's not just '90s fashion that the Swiss starlet adores, she's also inspired by the sound of the decade, which will play a role in her upcoming album.

"It's a whole '90s style album," she says. "I'm a '90s kind of girl. I wanted to do something that felt like throwback Janet [Jackson] or TLC. I sampled their song 'What About Your Friends' for my single '1991,' so you're gonna hear a lot of melodies with old-school vibes in a fresh and funky way."

Until her new album debuts in September, Kat is just looking forward to getting back to work on the upcoming seventh season of "The Vampire Diaries": "It's nice to be around the cast again, and obviously to have scenes with them is gonna be really fun," she says.