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Kat Von D is a tattoo artist, reality TV star and a New York Times best-selling author. She's created her own cosmetic line and a tattoo and music festival. Now Kat's about to add another line to her already lengthy resume: clothing designer. We caught up with the future Mrs. Jesse James at the "Jackass 3" Blu-ray and DVD launch party to chat about her line, wedding plans and more. Could joining the "Jackass" crew be the next career move for Kat? Find out!

Wonderwall: What brings you here tonight?

Kat Von D: I'm just here, hanging out. All these guys are my buddies, and it's exciting to see them succeed.

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WW: Do you think you'd ever do "Jackass" stunts with them?

KVD: You know, Bam [Margera] had mentioned the idea of a tattoo-inspired stunt, and I just would rather take a back seat and let the pros do it.

WW: You have a fashion line coming out this year. What can you tell us about it?

KVD: I can tell you a whole lot about it! I'm doing a line, and it's just pretty much influenced by all my favorite designers and architecture and art and everything else, so it's exciting. It's not going to be what people expect. It's not going to be a bunch of tattoo art on T-shirts. It's an actual serious line. It's exciting. It's a lot of work.

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WW: What spring trends are you most excited for?

KVD: I don't know; I'm such a big fan of fall and winter. But I think I'm looking forward to flares coming back in. I love the '70s, and I can definitely see something like that coming back, so I'm excited about that.

WW: And you must be excited for your wedding! How's planning coming along?

KVD: Good!

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