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When this sunny photograph of mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, surfaced last week, the tabloid media launched into a frenzy of scrutiny, with multiple outlets declaring that she seemed to have undergone major plastic surgery.

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But Gosselin, who now works at the online bargain website,, says there's no truth to the rumors.

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"With all of the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!)," she recently posted on the site, according to EOnline.

She then dutifully used the news to advance her professional sales, adding, "I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks! Having said that, it brings me to some great skin care deals below! Enjoy!"

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If she did have work done, it wouldn't be the first time, though. The former reality star has admitted to having had a tummy tuck in 2007, though she later denied rumors that she had breast implants in 2009.