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She's baack! Kate Gosselin blogged Tuesday that she's returning to "Dancing With the Stars," for the May 24 and 25 finales, anyway.

"I think there better be one more dance left in me," she wrote. "C'mon, I know you missed my unique dance style!"Since she got the boot April 20, Gosselin, 35, says she's mostly "hung up" her dancing shoes."The day has come... my dance shoes (all six dirty well-used pairs of them ) have begun collecting dust," she blogged.

She has still slipped into her sparkly costumes, with her eight children." A few days ago, I was playing dress up with the kids (I was forced to judge the contest in a dancing manner. Unlike judges who shall remain nameless, each costumed child received an exuberant "TEN!!!" from the mother judge!), and happened to look over. My eyes landed on my abandoned dance shoes and a wave of sadness mixed with a longing came over me," she admitted.

"Ohhhh suddenly I missed EVERYTHING about dancing -- not only the friends I have made and stay in touch with almost daily, but also learning the steps and even the fear of sudden death that the dance floor caused me! Gulp! Swallow the nostalgia ... Okay, all better..." she added.

But she did "a bit of reflecting" and decided she's happy "reintegrat[ing] back into home life.""I have resumed running daily and have smiled as I've reunited with an 'old' friend, my treadmill," continued Gosselin, who has also made time for tanning, manicures and pedicures since returning to her $1.1 million Pennsylvania home full time.

"Without a doubt, Dancing with the Stars was a life-changing experience," she concluded. "I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!"

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