If Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby has a palate like his or her parents, then pizza and banana flan will be in high demand at the Palace, former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady tells Us Weekly exclusively.

McGrady worked full-time with Princess Diana for four years in the '90s (he previously cooked for Queen Elizabeth II for 11 years), and watched both Prince William and Prince Harry grow up. The veteran chef tells Us that the boys had a penchant for sweet things and "comfort foods."

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"William and Harry were royal princes but they had children's palates," the former royal chef says (McGrady is now based in the States). "They loved the nursery foods, they loved the comfort foods that their parents had too. Dishes like the English Cottage Pie was one of Prince William's real favorites. …the same thing with banana flan."

According to McGrady, the boys also loved peanut butter and jelly muffins, as well as a childhood staple: pizza.

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"I remember one time coming back to work in the evening with plans to roast a chicken with broccoli and cabbage and potatoes for the nursery dinner for William and Harry, and there was a note on the table saying, 'Darren, cancel the chicken and broccoli and cabbage tonight and give the boys pizza please,' but it was written by a 7-year-old!" he remembers. "It was the boys' attempt to try and sway me, but actually I was more scared of the nanny than I was of the boys, so I sent the roast chicken!"

William and Middleton's own impending bundle of joy will be fed a series of purees following a period of breast-feeding or formula, McGrady says, with a diet largely dictated by the palace nanny.

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"I think that as much as they want their own input, they will listen a lot to the nanny who's had all the training and expertise about what sort of foods the baby should be eating," McGrady explains of the royal baby's modern diet. "I know that Kate wants to be as normal as possible and she comes from a normal background, but it's still the royal baby and it still will be the future heir to the throne, so she's going to have to sit back and listen to the nanny and the chefs when it comes to feeding the royal baby."

With reporting by Libby Galvin

This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Kate Middleton, Prince William's Baby: What Will the Royal Baby Eat?