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Kate Walsh is dangerously close to achieving "crazy cat lady" status -- in the best way possible. "I'm a total cat lady -- and I think it's cool!" she told while discussing her partnership with Purina Cat Chow's Shelter Volunteer of the Year program. Keep reading to see what else the "Bad Judge" star told us about the most extravagant things she's done for her two cats, the secret to her flawless skin at age 47, how she's changing up her red carpet style and more! Does the label "crazy cat lady" apply to you?

Kate Walsh: "Well, yeah, totally. But I also interact pretty well with humans -- which is something a cyborg would say. I have a lovely boyfriend and a couple of stepsons -- and I also have a dog. But for me, cats are like real life teddy bears. I know how awesome they are. They're just little helpless beings, and I would love to see them all get homes."

WW: What's the most extravagant thing you've ever done for your cats, Billy and Pablo?

Kate Walsh: "When I first got an assistant, she kind of ran out of things to do. ... It was like, 'Oh, here's something: Why don't you get a couple cat leashes and harnesses and go walk the cats.' That turned out to be a tiny bit disastrous. Billy, the smaller one, immediately got out of his harness, just shrunk backwards out of it and climbed up a tree. She put Pablo's leash under a metal chair to hold him while she went to get Billy, and he pulled over the chair. It scared him and he scratched her eye. It was a total disaster. I also tried bringing my cats to work with me in my trailer. People bring their dogs to work, why not bring the cats? 'Maybe they'll like it!' That did not go over well. I brought them when I relocated to New York City for the summer when I did a play at the Atlantic Theater Company -- they did enjoy their WASP living in SoHo."

WW: How did Billy and Pablo come into your life?

Kate Walsh: "They're brothers. They lost their mom. There was a pet store where I bought food, and the woman who ran it was a vet tech -- she volunteered and the cats that didn't get adopted she'd bring to the store and take care of them. I had actually just lost my cat who was an orange tabby also, and she was like, 'You gotta get back on the horse.' ... I went to go look at them, and it was like, 'OK, they're coming home with me immediately.'"

WW: What's your fashion philosophy?

Kate Walsh: "I'm basically doing whatever [my stylist] says. That's my philosophy! I just wanted to get out of ... that simple, fitted, body-hugging silhouette. I just want to do something fun and mix it up and not always be in the same look. So he's been incredible. ... He's just been killing it."

WW: You have beautiful skin. What's your secret?

Kate Walsh: "After 40, it's gotta be inside and out. You have to eat right. I still like my potato chips and everything -- and I don't feel like that's so bad. But I take a lot of vitamins and a lot of green food pills. I can't do green shakes and things like that -- it's just not my jam. ... And then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Tons of water. Emu oil is a big one that I love for super dry cold weather like it is here in New York. And lasers -- I love lasers. That's my secret!"

WW: March 27 is the 10th anniversary of the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." How did the show most impact you?

Kate Walsh: "It changed my life. [Creator] Shonda [Rhimes] is obviously killing it right now. She's kind of the ruler of television -- and rightly so! ... She emulates everything that we kind of want to be as humans. She works really hard and made this great show and then she was in the position to not only write great characters for women and be of service to women actresses but she was also able to give back and support and nurture other up-and-coming writers. ... She's just an incredible person and a great model to live by. ... I'm very [interested in] producing, and that's something that I learned from being on 'Grey's' and 'Private Practice.' When you have a good role and you're able to do it for such a long time like I was, you get naturally interested in other aspects of production. That was a real gift."

WW: Is there anything else we should know about Purina Cat Chow's Shelter Volunteer of the Year program?

Kate Walsh: "This is a great campaign. It's so easy to encourage people to adopt cats, but this is sort of another way of going about making people aware of all the hard-working volunteers behind those cute cuddly animals. ... It's all about keeping the cats as comfortable as possible -- and, of course, recognizing the hard work of the volunteers as well -- but really keeping the cats as comfortable as possible in a very stressful environment."