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Janet Mayer / Splash News 1 / 8

By Michelle Lanz with reporting by Mary S. Park

Kelly Osbourne has been strutting her newly transformed figure all around NY Fashion Week and we have to say, she looks pretty fantastic. Wonderwall caught up with Kelly during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 party, where she talked about her glamorous style makeover, her struggle with weight and how she's been staying fit.

Wonderwall: You look so gorgeous! How did you totally transform yourself?

Kelly Osbourne: I don't know how much of it is a transformation as much as it is just growing up, you know? I think people forget that I was only 15 when I started. I'm still only 25 right now, and I feel like I'm just forever evolving, and that's just normal, really.

WW: So many people out there are struggling with weight. What is your advice?

KO: It's the hardest thing in the world, weight is. And you know, don't set your sights too high. What I did is just work out half an hour a day. And it's not too overwhelming, I can commit to that, and it doesn't make me want to hate life while I'm doing it. I can do it.

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WW: What's your daily workout like?

KO: I just do half an hour of cardio a day, not too much, and it makes me feel alive.

WW: What are your plans professionally right now?

KO: I'm doing "Fashion Police" with Joan Rivers on the E! Channel. And filming a movie right now, "Should've Been Romeo." We're doing stuff with Dr. Phil and stuff for the "Daily 10." I've been very busy and I'm loving it.

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WW: How would you describe your personal style?

KO: I don't know. I think that I call myself the girliest tomboy. I'm very girly but at the same time I'm very much a tomboy. I can't help it.

WW: Do you have a style icon?

KO: There are so many people. Probably my mother. I learned everything about fashion from my mom. But then I love Zandra Rhodes for her patterns and then Vivienne Westwood because she makes a woman's body look sexy, and Alexander McQueen.

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WW: How many shoes and bags do you own?

KO: Oh that's bad. Probably 100 bags and probably about 1,000 pairs of shoes.

WW: What nail color do you love for fall?

KO: Barbie Pink.

WW: And last but not least, what are you wearing?

KO: I'm wearing Tommy Hilfiger and Armani shoes.