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Jen Lowery / Splash News / Splash News 1 / 22

A Twitter user with an account name similar to Amy Winehouse's upset Kelly Osbourne by sending her a message that made light of Winehouse's death.

"Miss ya darling!.x," wrote the user under the name AmyjMermaid. Winehouse, who passed away at her home in Camden, London, in July at the age of 27, used the account AmyJadeMermaid. Osbourne was one of her closest friends and flew back from the U.S. to attend the funeral.

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A livid Osbourne replied, "amyjmermaid thats not f------ funny u disrespectful t--- u should be ashamed dont ever tweet me again I'm going 2 have u thrown of twitter! If you have one ounce of dignity or self-respect you will delete this fake amy profile or I will do it for you!

"I just can't believe the nerve of some people! Why would anyone make a fake profile and pretend to be Amy W that is just sick!"

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The star took her complaint straight to Twitter moderators, who have reportedly agreed to take down the profile.

She adds, "Good news everyone I have emailed twitter and the a--hole with fake Amy profile amyjmermaid will be taken down in a matter of hours!"

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