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MIKE DISCIULLO / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 7

New York Fashion Week was still in full force the day after Valentine's Day, and Wonderwall was on the scene at the Badgley Mischka's Fall 2011 Show, where we caught up with Kelly Osbourne on her way in to check out the newest styles to hit the runway. See what she had to say about staying fit, her friendship with Miley Cyrus and her new gig as a panelist for E!'s "Fashion Police" show.

Wonderwall: You're still keeping the weight off and you look beautiful. How are you doing it?

Kelly Osbourne: I didn't diet; I made a life change. I go to the gym pretty much every day. I don't do anything crazy. It's maintaining, and I enjoy it. I don't feel right when I don't go.

WW: Did you have a nice Valentine's Day?

KO: I did! I was up for 30 hours from doing the Grammy's because I was there from eight in the morning. We wrapped at midnight and then I had to go home and pack and we had a fashion E! special. Right after, I got on a plane and came here and met some friends last night and went out. It was really nice.

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WW: You've been friends with Miley for a while

KO: I love Miley. She is such a cool girl. What amazes me about her is she's not affected and we are such good friends. It was crazy. I didn't know what to expect when I signed on to do the movie. But we've become like BFF's. It's crazy!

WW: What do you love about Badgley Mischka?

KO: They make beautiful gowns in natural tones that are always so sparkly and so elegant. They've really mastered elegance. And they make women look beautiful. And feel beautiful. I'm really hoping that I see something that I can wear to the Oscars. I'm doing the red carpet for E! again.

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WW: Your comments were so frank.

KO: Most fashion people have an agenda 'cause they're stylists and they work with these people. With me, it's just my opinion. I don't want to character assassinate anyone; I just want to talk about the dress. To be a girl and get paid to sit there and talk about fashion. You can't ask for a better job!

WW: Any must-haves for spring?

KO: Gosh that's hard, because I want everything!

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WW: Do you follow trends?

KO: I don't follow trends really.

WW: You're the new face of Madonna and Lourdes's Material Girl line. How was it working with them?

KO: I love Lourdes. I'm a huge fan of Madonna. It's such an honor to be a part of it. I actually can't believe it even happened.